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After your introductory choice is made and you are content with your mp3 player decision, you ought to ask yourself this… how would I know where to 

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Mp3 Buy is the most complete tool for listening Mp3’s, editing ID3 tags (ID3v1 and ID3v2), creating, viewing and listening M3u playlists, renaming files using ID3 tags, searching for duplicate Mp3 files, searching and cataloguing your Mp3 collection into Mp3 library and much more. buy a song
You can add lyrics and picture tags(cover, artist picture, etc.) to your Mp3 files. buy and download music

Editing ID3 tags is easy and you can process as many files as you want.
You can sort your Mp3 list in ascending or descending order using all ID3 tags and MPEG fields. buy mp3 downloads

Mp3 Mp3 Buy playlists support M3u format and playlists generated by Mp3 Mp3 Buy can be played in any Mp3 player. buy mp3 music
Why spend money on several programs if you can have it all in one place.
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You can browse your Mp3’s using explorer alike folder tree or using Mp3 library tree.
When you browsing through the folders Mp3 files will be automatically added to the library.
If you edit ID3 tags Mp3 Mp3 Buy library will be automatically updated.
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You can search for your Mp3’s using any media ( hard drives, CD, network drives ).
When search is done files will be organized in Mp3 Mp3 Buy library and you can search,play, or edit them.
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To create a playlist just select files from the list and click Save Playlist. Playlist will be automatically shown in Mp3 library under Playlists items.
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Mp3 Mp3 Buy supports any Mp3 player. You can change default Mp3 player and enter your favorite Mp3 player.
By default Mp3 Mp3 Buy is using your Windows system Mp3 player which is assigned to Mp3 file extension.
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How to select files in the mp3 list?

To select files in row from the Mp3 playlist use Shift and mouse click to start selection and Shift and mouse click to end selection.
To select files that are not in row use Ctrl and mouse click to start position and Ctrl and mouse click to end selection.
To select file using keyboard use Ins from the keyboard.
You can select all files in the Mp3 list using Select All icon in your Mp3 list.
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Mp3 Mp3 Buyo allows you to edit ID3 tags, create M3u playlists and rename files using ID3 tags.
Main features:

  • Search for MP3 files
  • Search MP3 library
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Mp3 Mp3 Buy is the most complete tool for listening Mp3’s, editing ID3 tags, creating, viewing and listening M3u playlists, renaming files using ID3 tags, searching and cataloguing your mp3 collection into Mp3 library and much more.
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